The Shawfield Mansion – Anthony Lewis

Glasgow Museum’s Dr Anthony Lewis considers the importance and history of the magnificent Shawfield Mansion and the profound impressions it made on Glaswegian, Scottish and British society. … More The Shawfield Mansion – Anthony Lewis


St. Andrew’s Chapel – Karly Kehoe

The University of Saint Mary’s Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities, Dr Karly Kehoe, discusses the creation of the St. Andrew’s Chapel and what it represented for the Catholic population of Glasgow, as well as looking at the work of Glasgow missionary Andrew Scott and Irish Catholic lawyer Daniel O’Connell in their quest for Catholic emancipation. … More St. Andrew’s Chapel – Karly Kehoe

Industry – John Hume

Courses that may find source useful: Changing Britain

John Hume analyses two paintings, one which provides a contemporary view of the Clyde and hints at the industries that helped Glasgow flourish, and another which displays a steam pumping engine. In great detail he explains the features of each portrait providing an in-depth view of their content. … More Industry – John Hume

Glasgow Work and Labour – Simon Newman

University of Glasgow’s Professor Simon Newman analyses the flourishing Glasgow: burgeoning industries – such as bleaching, textile manufacturing and naval work – which increased exports from the city and attracted new denizens to it, all of which facilitated Glasgow‘s journey in becoming the Second City of the British Empire. … More Glasgow Work and Labour – Simon Newman