Welcome to How Glasgow Flourished!

In 2014 Kelvingrove Museum hosted the How Glasgow Flourished, 1714-1837 exhibition and conference, where academics delivered talks on various themes relating to the blossoming growth of Glasgow in this period.

Through these 10-15 minute podcasts, our collected experts – from University professors to independent Historians – cover a range of topics within the 18th and 19th centuries. These include slavery, women and work, immigration and local and national politics. Many of the talks are suitable for use in the National 5 and Higher History courses, and have been indicated as such on their page. They have been split into sections for easier use in the classroom, or you can choose to listen to the podcast in its entirety.

All of the talks relate to objects that are viewable in Glasgow Museums, and while we have provided pictures to accompany the talks, the pieces deserve to be seen in the flesh. Entry is free to members of the public.  If you missed the exhibition, or just enjoy these podcasts, there is an accompanying book Introducing Georgian Glasgow (available in all good stockists) and now a free app also called How Glasgow Flourished for your Apple mobiles and tablets which maps the city in this period using period objects, prints, paintings and archaeological finds.

This project would not have existed without the help of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and we are indebted to them for their funding.

Our aim is to provide a website that will help people learn about the history of Scotland through podcasts and we hope we have delivered! This project was developed by Dr Anthony Lewis (Curator of Scottish History, Glasgow Life Museums) and Professor Simon Newman (University of Glasgow), with help from Mr Nelson Mundell (University of Glasgow). The Research Workshop from which the project originated was funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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